Monday, November 3, 2008

The Lesser of Two Evils

A simple analogy for those who believe in voting for the lesser of two evils: Who would you rather vote for, Grima Wormtongue or Saruman, to take the Ring of Power to the fires of Mt. Doom?


Karen LH said...

Thomas Sowell said that he's voting for McCain because he prefers a disaster to a catastrophe.

Rob, I love you, but if you're going to sit out every presidential election until Frodo shows up to carry the ring, you're liable to die of old age. McCain vs. Obama is what we've got. McCain isn't great, but some of Obama's ideas are downright destructive: in the areas of life issues, the economy, and defense, specifically. Plus, if he's elected, he'll have a Congress of his own party to work with. If nothing else, if McCain gets in, we're looking at a divided government, which is generally a good thing.

Rob said...

Do you know how many conversations Sam has started with “Rob I love you but……”?

I think the main reason I hate the neocons, not that you asked, is because they seem to take the conservative Catholic/Christian vote for granted.

I know McBoma is what we are stuck with (for the 2 main parties) but the median age in the US is 35.2 and there are over 300 million people in this country, so these 2 are the best we can come up with out of a pool of 150 million or so? LOL maybe we are in worse shape than I thought. Oh well, back to the last few chapters of Love in the Ruins….

Oh and I wouldn’t trust Frodo either. After watching that – what was it 20 hours or so – trilogy, I’m pretty sure Frodo and Sam where queer for each other. I was rooting for Gollum by the end of the last movie.

Roger said...

Gollum was definitely misunderstood. :)

I hate voting for the lesser of anything, I mean this is America for goodness sakes! That being said, the two prime timers are both not to my liking, one far less than the other. Unfortunately, there may be a little bit of chaos involved by Wednesday - I hope not, but whatever happens will determine the character of this country and whether we stand tall, or fall on our arse!

Mau said...

Regardless, I think we fall on our arse. One fall will hurt a lot more than the other.

Rob said...

Roger - Really, you eat sushi for every meal and you are labled for life.
I think we need someone named 'Roger' to run for Prez. It's such an awesome name.

Mau - Kinda like the differance between Ally McBeal vs. J-Lo falling on their arse's. One's gonna hurt more than the other

karen lh said...

Do you know how many conversations Sam has started with “Rob I love you but……”?


I guess I'm just worried that we'll end up with the greater of two evils because a certain number of people are waiting for the Blessed Mother to run.

Rob said...

I don’t think the Blessed Mother would be eligible to run for president….being a foreigner and all. Plus not sure how she'd get here, she's probably on the 'no fly list' for having a rebel for a son