Tuesday, November 4, 2008

No McBomba


Anonymous said...

So, in effect, you voted for Obama.

the Mom said...

Amen. I wish Ron were on the ballot, too. I voted for Sarah Palin as V.P. and that old guy running with her for the top job.

Rob said...

Ron's on the ballot in some states. I wrote him in here in MD (our state is a total lost cause). For our congressmen I didn't wrote in my wife....the incumbent will win for like the 100th year in a row by a landslide

Anonymous said...

I don't understand how a pro-lifer with 11 children could not vote for McCain. Very, very sad.

Rob said...

Ron Paul = 100% Pro Life, Pro Free Market, Anti State, Anti War

McCain = Less than 100% Pro Life, Anti Free Market, Pro State, Pro War

Ron Paul = Life
John McCain = Death

Simple enough for you?

Rob said...

and a bit of info on the alleged pro-lifeness of McCain


Thos said...

Dear Rob,

I read the first anonymous post this morning, and actually came back now to make my suggested compromise: write in Ron Paul. But then, it seems you already knew that was a good option for you. Shucks.

I voted McCain not because he "= death", but because I believe he = less death than the other major contender. I don't think my pragmatist view of voting is the only show in town though.

Peace in Christ,

Rob said...

Tom - thanks. My wife used the same philosophy as you. Works for her, works for you and lots of others. Which is cool by me. Just not for me.

Of course it's all pretty much a moot point given that we live in the People's Republic of Maryland ;)

btw - I still owe you dinner and a bike tire repair clinic

Rob said...


I meant to say I did write in my wife for congressmen in our district. Unfortunately the pro-death incumbent will probably get 80% of the vote in this horrible district I'm in.

Oh and I retract the "John McCain = Death" comment. If though that's how I feel, it looks uncharitable in writing.

Catherine said...

You got a third choice!
You chose the outsider! Of course, that way, you can continue to be unsatisfied!