Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Another installment of occasional updates on how we are doing out there

  • A new hotel opening in Las Vegas put out a call for employees. It got 67,000 applicants for 500 jobs

  • Gm Sales down 45%, Chrysler down 35%, Ford sales down 30%, Nissan down 33%, Honda down 25% and Toyota down 23% in October.

  • Obama is the Chosen One

  • A CEO in India was beaten to death by employees after announcing massive layoffs. 63 people have been charged with his murder

  • American Express said last week that it will cut 7,000 employees

  • An English soccer player was fined $2,600 for hitting a nightclub doorman in the head with his girlfriend's handbag

  • Volvo got orders for 41,970 of its big trucks in the 3rd quarter of 2007. In the 3rd quarter of 2008, 155 orders

One of these is false

answer - Obama and his followers just think he's The One


James Bremner said...

Just when I thought soccer couldn't get any sissier, a soccer star uses his girlfriend's purse to assault a bouncer! LMAO!! I don't think soccer will ever take off in North America the way it has in the rest of the world, North American males still value manliness more than faux hawk haircuts etc. Oh yeah and Obama got himself elected, buzz kill man!
James Bremner

Catherine said...

In the middle of the world disaster, glad to see you keep your sense of humor ; )
You could have got a Socialist president as we have had in France, at that time, you could have definitively lost your sense of humor!