Wednesday, January 14, 2009

American Idol Night - '09

Ok Sam was out for the evening and I was bored so I watched the show even though I said I wouldn’t. Here are a few random thoughts from last night’s show

We are in lovely Arizona for auditions

A rocker wannbe who cries - a lot

Paula flipped-off Simon

A scary tatted-up girl got through, reminiscent of Carly from last season

A unintelligible geek who almost barfs and things like cross between Freddy and Jason. Actually there were a few of those

A black person with a kinda Mohawk haircut who I couldn’t tell if it was a he or a she

A sweet 16 year-old girl who Simon is actually nice to and lets her through

A guy with a freakishly deep voice

Crazy 16 yo wearing pink who is a HUGE Kara fan – she has stalker written all over her

An oilrig tough guy who sings a Boyz II Men song!?.....and is good – go figure

‘Bikini Girl’ who almost gets into a cat-fight with Kara and Paula. if you close your eyes and just listen to her, she actually sings well

Detroit’s woes seemed to have affected the advertising, there weren’t 42 Ford commercials

Some guy who calls himself ‘Sexual Chocolate’ – dude stole my nickname

Ryan Seacrest is still a dork – albeit a rich one

17 yo Goth-Emo hybrid who makes horror movies with his camcorder - who sings better than you would think from looking at him – judges think so too and give him the a golden ticket (it gets one to Hollywood not Wonka World)

According to the promos a blind-dude is coming on. Simon wouldn’t make fun of a blind person would he?

Sweet southern gal who sings Sittin on the Dock of the Bay and sells it

Some squirrelly dude that Simon doesn’t like but Randy and the rest do so he gets through…I’m with Simon on this one…oh well maybe with a band backing him up he will sound better

Time for blind guy, college at 14! I don’t find him great but he’s ok. The judges send him on to Hollywood. Hopefully they really liked him and he wasn’t sent through as a feel-good story only

So bottom line, we got some good and some mediocre singers (no one particularly great) going to Hollywood.


the donk said...

1) you are gay
2) did you see seacrest try to HIGH FIVE the blind guy at the end...

he looked/felt like a TOTAL ASS!!!!! :)

Jacque said...

Ok, for real? You weren't going to watch it? I look forward to your idol reviews almost as much...perhaps even more than the show itself. Now, I understand #12 is on the way, but puleeeez get your priorities in order here, and keep idol on the list ;)

wife said...

glad I missed it...going to mass is much better than American idol!!! I hope my children weren't watching scandalist tv and I hope they weren't being uncharitable to the less fortunate. Thank God they have you to balance them you do me!!! +

momto5minnies said...

I know I will get sucked into this like last season. However, I did miss night #2 ... oh well.