Tuesday, January 13, 2009

They Are Back!

Before American Idol starts tonight, let’s guess what’s going to happen.

Randy will say Hot a lot and call male and female contestants alike ‘Dawg’

Paula will:

a) Show too much cleavage
b) Seem to be drunk and/or high
c) Inappropriately gush about how much she loves some underage boy singer
d) All of the above

Simon will either be incredibly rude in criticizing someone’s performance or think they were the best he’s ever heard.

New judge Kara DioGuardi will struggle to get a word in. Although it’s possible the other 3 will let her talk at least on this her first night.

Regular updates will be posted once they get to Hollywood or a truck stop off I-80 outside Des Moines Iowa or wherever they are having the finals this year. First we have to get through the more obnoxious early auditions.

The original 3 Mouseketeers
Newcomer Judge Kara

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