Friday, January 16, 2009

Their Goose Wasn't Cooked

I'm sure by now everyone has seen the news stories of the plane that had to land in the Hudson River after messing up it's engine/s when it hit a flock of geese. The pictures and video's are quite amazing. Mad props to the pilot for the wicked landing.

You may or may not have seen that the Feds rushed to assure everyone that they didn't think that the 'Goose Attack' was not terrorist related. Do we actually pay these people?

On a related note, Greenpeace has filed an animal cruelty lawsuit against; US Airways, Airbus (the manufacturer of the plane), the planes pilots and Henry Hudson the British sailor who explored the river and had it named after him........and who died in 1611. Spokesmen for the Hudson Family declined to comment for this article.


the donk said...


I LOVE MARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thats why she is one of my favs!!!!!!!!! (if not THE fav)

give her a KISS from UNCLE DAVE for me!!!! :)

Rob said...

well if the baby is black and/or looks like the donk....there's gonna be some splainin' to do

me said...

sure-in my free time?

Roger said...

Yeah, someone has to look out for them geese.!

Hey congats on number twelve (right?) We'll be welcoming number seven in July, and I think we might even dedicate him/her to your inspiration. :)