Monday, January 19, 2009

What’s in a title?

When did we start supping-up job titles? Does it make people feel better about themselves and their jobs? Do they have that low of self esteem that they have to have an important sounding job title?

Secretary has become Administrative Assistant

Babysitters are Childcare Providers

Bank Tellers are Customer Service Representatives

Sales Clerk’s are called Sales Associates

Sandwich Artist equals Subway employee

Housewife’s are known as Domestic Engineers

Garbage Men are Refuse Collectors

Even Drug Dealers and Strippers have gotten into the act. They now like to be called Street Pharmaceutical Engineers and Clothing Removal Specialists respectively

So maybe Nurse’s Aides should be called Gluteus Maximus Wipers

Even my job title sounds a lot more important than it is. I’m a Software Tester and that title is fine with me but officially at my company my job title is ‘Senior Quality Assurance Engineer’. Seriously. Sounds pretty important don’t it? Bet you wish you were me now….LOL. What you don’t know is that a trained monkey or even a donkey could do my job. Right Donk?

Oh yeah I forgot what brought all this on. Sam dropped off the door to our wood stove today at a glass repair shop. One of the teenagers, who shall remain nameless (Caleb), broke the glass in the door. Anyway the shop called later in the day to say that the ‘Technician’ would be looking at it tomorrow and let us know his opinion. Dude just put another stinking piece of glass in the door. Heck I could do it if I wasn’t so darn lazy and un-handy.


Kindas said...

I hear you.. I like my job and the basic title Mom says enough and then some. Thanks for making me laugh this morning.

Your Domestic Engineer said...

"Domestic Engineer"...hmmm, can I have a raise?

Jacque said...

babysitter does not equal childcare provider. In my state, child care provider equals and associates degree in early childhood education. Babysitter equals a teenager asked to come watch your child while you go out to eat. Just had to clarify that to keep myself sane. I guess there might be a little more in a title than meets the eye.

the donk said...

we met our new boss yesterday and preston introduced himself as SENIOR software tester... why is he the only one who thinks he is a senior tester.. :)

momto5minnies said...

I actually like the "Domestic Engineer" title because as much as I am a wife, I am not in the house that often. That, and I find that I am a pretty good "skillful manager".