Thursday, January 21, 2010

Comment Moderation and Ads

I had to switch my comments setting from anything goes to having to approve them first. Getting way too many comments that were either ads for investments or for Asian sites of questionable morality.

Usually its my comments that need moderation so it was nice for a change to moderate someone else.

Of course I have to phrase this entire post carefully since the ads in my sidebar are based on what I write about.

I could do a post on going out fishing on a boat and eating fruit while fishing and end up with an ad for g@y cruises. When I post on the trials of bath time at our house I get ads for Bath Houses in San Fransisco Or briefly mention having lots of kids and get ads for birth control or V!agra. And now that Ellen Degenerate is going to be on American Idol who knows what kinda ads I'm gonna get - The Horror

Maybe I should stick to writing about running and running shoes. Of course I could still end up with an add for a 5k race to benefit NOW.


Katie said...

Too funny! I started comment moderation a while back . . . I get tons of those weird comments . . . I have no idea why, no one reads my blog!

momto5minnies said...

I had to click "lame" . How did you get that?

I've missed out on a bunch of your posts. Not sure where January has gone, but I guess busy is my excuse.

Can't wait to hear your IDOL updates.

Rob said...

elaine you have missed nothing here, i have hardly been posting.

here is how i did the "lame etc..." thing.
Go to layout>page elements and then click edit on the Blog Posts section. And you will see where to set it up