Thursday, January 21, 2010

Is this thing still on?

Man it's a little dusty around here. Looks like I need to find my feather duster and tidy up a bit. Maybe a bit of wd-40 to get rid of the old rust too.

I am actually alive and well -more or less- just been busy and haven't had a lot to say. Christmas went well. And the kids are all doing great. My running has been hit or miss. Not that I'm not doing, I've been running everyday, just that my mileage is way down due to by screwed up back. Instead of getting in 70-90 miles a week I have been putting in 40-55 a week. Going to a chiropractor and working on my core so I am hopeful I will be able to run long distances again someday. But don't worry I have still been getting cool new running shoes. I just got 3 new pair on closeout 2 weeks ago. Got a great deal on K-Swiss Kona's, New Balance 904's and a pair of Brooks running shoes.

Still trying to decide if I can handle another season of American Idol. Last year was painful at times, especially the guest performers. I've seen bits and pieces the past few weeks. But I don't care about the early audition shows much. Too many delusional people getting made fun of. Plus when I turned it on the first night guest-judge Victoria Beckham frightened me. A 100 pound woman who is 30% boobs is not something to behold before bed. So while I think I will watch it starting next week with Hollywood week I have to see if I feel like writing about it. I'm getting lazy in my old age.

So how about y'all? How have you been?


Maurisa said...

Missed your blogging, Rob! I was beginning to think you'd gone the way of Santa.

I have to totally agree with you on V. Beckham. She looks like a Bratz Doll. There is something seriously wrong with that!

Colleen said...

"100 pound woman who is 30% boobs", isn't that what all guys want? ;) AI just isn't the same without crazy Paula. And now that Simon will be going next year, i don't even think it's worth watching. Glad to hear the family is well, and hope your back feels better. Geesh, only 50 miles a week - what a slacker!

Rob said...

100 pound woman who is 30% boobs", isn't that what all guys want?

While that might be a good look on some women, its not a good look on someone who looks like she was in a concentration camp.

Katie said...

Good to see you back Rob!

Katie said...

Did you get the sneakers from that awesome sale at runningwarehouse? I even picked up a pair. Of course I caannot wear them with the lovely air cast I have, but they will be nice when I can run again!