Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Pro-Life Ad to Air During Super Bowl

University of Florida football star Tim Tebow and his mother with star in a pro-life ad during the Super Bowl.

See story here on Fox News

Of course the women's "rights" groups have their panties (if they actually wear them) all in a bunch over the ad and are trying to get it banned before the big game. We can have ads with flatulent horses, women with shirts cut down to their navels, erectile dysfunction drugs and pop-stars singing and 'dancing' like they belong in a strip club. But airing an ad about a sick mother who decides to keep her baby against doctor's advice is considered bad. God is a lot more patient than I could ever be.

Focus on the Family is the one doing the ad so they are facing the brunt of the attack of the un-shaven legged and un-washed masses from NOW and other Femi-Nazi groups. Is it just me or do these pro-death proponents all look like women who wouldn't be likely to get pregnant what's their problem? At the risk of sounding more uncharitable than usual, I have been to a bunch of pro-life rallies and protests where the NOW-COWS were counter protesting. And they were all ‘double-baggers’ and of questionable sexual orientation.

Now I’m not a constitutional lawyer and I didn’t stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night, but I’m pretty (yes I am) sure that the constitution doesn’t really speak to the issue of which Super Bowl ads should be banned. I don’t think the founding fathers anticipated that situation. I’m pretty sure it’s up to the networks and the FCC standards.

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