Thursday, August 21, 2008

Beam Me Up Scotty

Hologram Pastors?!
An estimated 2,000 to 2,500 U.S. congregations now operate multiple campuses, and many of them, like Buckhead Church, are so-called video venues. The Leadership Network, a Christian nonprofit that follows these multisite churches, says there will be 30,000 of them within a few years. Already, the most ambitious pastors are predicting that, thanks to video, they'll have branded outlets nationwide and more than 100,000 followers—twice as large as the country's biggest megachurch today. Gigachurches are the way that next-generation celebrity evangelists are building their empires.

What's next? Virtual confessions? Techno music for hymns? Hummus and a Soy Latte in place of communion?

If these 'pastors' had a bunch of these Video Churches, they will be bi-locating better than Padre Pio.

McChurches like this make are making it too easy for me to be snarky.

Why even bother going to one of these places of (do I dare say worship?) whatever they are. Why not just stay home and watch the 'televangelist of the month' on TV. How is this any different than sitting at home in front of the tube? Heck you don't have to get dressed up and you don't have to use any gas to get there. Just sit around the plasma TV in your boxer shorts with a cup of coffee. These Godzilla-Churches must hate trees - encouraging people to use their cars on Sunday mornings. What would Al Gore think? Does Al Gore think?

Let's more churches = more members = more donations = more private jets, mansions and fancy cars. Or am I just being too cynical...nah not me, couldn't be that...

If you are going to franchise churches you might as well put a Starbucks in it too. Wait, too late.

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