Friday, August 29, 2008

Stuff Catholics Like


That's Scapulars not Spatulas, not Dracula, it's Scapular.

The Brown Scapular of Our Lady of Mount Carmel

The Black and Silver Spatula of Rob's Kitchen

The small scapulars consist essentially of two quadrilateral segments of woolen cloth (about two and three-quarter inches long by two inches wide), connected with each other by two strings or bands in such a manner that, when the bands rest on the shoulders, the front segment rests before the breast, while the other hangs down an equal distance at the back. The two segments of cloth need not necessarily be equally large, various scapulars having the segment before the breast of the above dimensions while the segment at the back is much smaller. The material of these two essential parts of the scapular must be of woven wool; the strings or bands may be of any material, and of any one colour. The colour of the segments of woollen cloth depends on the colour of the monastic habit, which it to a certain extent represents, or on the mystery in honour of which it is worn. Here, however, it must be remarked that the so called Brown Scapular of the Carmelites may be black, and that the bands of the Red Scapular of the Passion must be of red wool. On either or both of the woollen segments may be sewn or embroidered becoming representations or other decorations (emblems, names etc.) of a different material. It is only in the case of the Red Scapular that the images are expressly prescribed.

Wearing of the scapular shows that you are a seriously hardcore Catholic. It doesn't get much more old-school than scapulars, well except for hair-shirts and chastity belts maybe.

Guidelines for receiving the indulgences attached to the scapular: One must be enrolled in the Scapular by a Priest. New scapulars do not have to be blessed. They should be worn at all times and only removed for short times.

A scapular is not a 'get out of jail free card'. You need to be of the right spiritual disposition to receive the benefits that go along with it.

With permission you can substitute a four-way cross, that's what I did. You just have to ask a priest. You still receive the same spiritual promises that accompanying the scapular. I find the cross and chain more practical with my running, biking and swimming. The cloth scapulars get pretty funky after awhile with all my sweating - doesn't seem very respectable.
Sterling Silver 4-way Cross

So if you see someone wearing one, don't mess them cause they've got connections in high places.


momto5minnies said...

That is interesting to know about the 4 way-way cross. I really like the look of it too. My oldest daughter is the only one with the brown scapular ... she wears it a lot, but then it isn't too practical in the pool.

I'll have to look for one.

Sarah said...

You are a crack up; I love your blog but am lazy with the comments; keep it up!

"a joyful heart is good medicine"

Jacque said...

I learn so much here :) So at my school I have a high hispanic/catholic population and lots of the children where little brown 'tags' we call them, on a string, one in the front and one in the that the same thing?

Rachel said...

I loved my scapular until my cat chewed through it. I took it off at night cause it got tangled up on my neck (maybe God was trying to get rid of me???) Anyway, it is time to get another one. Hey, did you ever read "Swimming With Scapulars" by Matt Lickona. I think you would get a huge kick out of that book.

Rob said...

M25M's - yeah I switched years ago to the 4-way. Easier to wear. I wear it all the time now and won't swim without it on. I'm not a fish like you and your girls so it makes me feel better to have it on.

Jacque - yes those are the same things.

Rachel - holy cat you have there

Catherine said...

When did we stop acting like Catholics over there?
Here, the few who are baptized, only get their own batism medal around the neck.!
When we exchange comments with someone who wear Scapular, does it protect the visitor too? : )