Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Thoughts on Large Families and Responsible Parenting etc - Follow up

I guess I shouldn’t post a ‘hot’ topic and then go to the beach with the family for a week. I’m glad I didn’t post on something really controversial like; who’s more popular – Miley Cyrus or Michael Phelps? Or who’s more whacked -McCain of Obama?

People have strong (and somewhat hateful) feelings on this topic. I just assumed all Catholics felt the same way as we did, silly me. Catholics can't even agree on little things like; what size the hosts should be or whether or not the Sign of Peace is a pinkie-commie plot (it is). Why should they agree on the big things.

Here’s a good post on the same topic

Regarding the comments I received:

Messy Bessy – thanks for the nice words. I too used to be (still am at times) a Judgmental Catholic too.

TCM – thanks…I just got back from vacation myself…but I think my wife and I need a second one without the kids to recover.

RC – once I figure out all the big words you used I’ll get back to ya ;). Btw – my post was mainly in response to all the people being snotty on Danielle’s Coffee Talk. Please stop by again and remember my unofficial blog motto: “we kid cause we care”.

Annelisa – 3 boys under 4?! God Bless You! That’s great. You will have great time with them…providing you survive ;). My wife and I took 1 NFP class when we engaged and decided the heck with it. We would just trust God to plan our family size…figured he knew better than us what we could handle. Anyway it’s not really any one’s business whether someone uses NFP or doesn’t.

Liz – thanks! It really is awful when ‘Catholics” give someone a hard time (especially children) when there is another pregnancy in the family. Our kids (even the teens) are always very excited when we announce another little one is on the way.
Sorry about the young lady friend stepping away from the Church. I’ll try and remember to pray for her.

Mary – Relax. I said I haven’t voted in a ‘National’ election since ’92. I vote in local elections. I might vote in a national election if I was actually presented with a 100% prolife candidate instead of one who was less pro-abortion than another. I really got tired of the old ‘vote for the lesser of two evils’ thing.
Btw – Padre Pio probably didn’t have the tools we have as choices. Plus I’m pretty sure the good Father was never pope and wasn’t speaking ex cathedra when he went off on voting ;)
The ‘take the Christians for granted’ Republicans haven’t exactly been the unborn's best friends.

Simcha – no problem. Keep the faith.

Rachel – nice comments. “I have come to believe that God truly does open and close the womb and that He truly knows what a person can handle” Bingo! Give that woman a free year’s supply of panty hose.


the oh how i miss the simple days donk said...

dude, seriously... you have become the WHFS of blogs... used to be small and now you have 600 kabillionjillion people posting and getting all pissy...


you have become the thing you so despise... well, not really, because you havent become THE DONK... but you know what i mean... :)

ditch this blog, start a new one and DONT TELL ANYONE but me, samuel, that french chic and the few other ladies that used to post out here... :)

"sorry about the up yours ......"

Kristi said...
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Sue B. said...

You are too funny! I thought your original post on the subject was excellent.

Kristi said...

Rob I saw your comment. Thank you. Here is a link to Runza restraunts.


They are a mid-west thing. The "Runza" or overstuffed sandwich is THE BEST thing the Germans ever did:)

There are some good recipes on-line that try to imitate the Runza sandwich. You should have your wife look into it. You can make huge pans of it. And it doesn't cost a lot.

Rob said...

Kristi - your killing me! I just finished running 11 miles this morning and I'm starving. That menu from Runza is making it worse. I'll have one of each...can you Fedex them out to Maryland asap?

Kristi said...
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Kristi said...

I deleted my first post because I went off about salad dressing. Anyway, this is the part of my post that wasn't completely insane:)

Rob... I have heard of people getting Runzas shipped to the coast when they have moved. We might be able to work something out:)

Rob said...

Kristi - I saw the comment about salad dressing and liked it. Did you every see the I Love Lucy episode where they sell salad dressing in jars and have to deliver 100's of jars all over the city on roller skates?

Rachel said...

Hey, don't knock the sign of peace, it's the only chance I get to kiss my 18 year old son without him giving me a load of crap! :-)

I loathe pinko-commies! Somebody please back Ronald Reagan!

Rachel said...

that was meant to say" Please bring back Ronald Reagan!! Sorry there was a dog eating my nicely toned thigh!

Rachel said...

One more thing. How you and Sam are 'gettin' some' with 11 kids is just awesome. I am feeling a bit parched (to say the least) in my marital desert. My Hunny and I can not find the time, or a place (coz there is always some kid sleeping in our bed!), or the flipping energy to do anything.

It is a true testament to the 'spirit is willing but the flesh is fried' type o' thing!

Kristi said...