Monday, August 25, 2008

It's Quieter Here

Even though she was usually at school, or work, or out with friends or up in her room...the house seems quieter and emptier without her here.

We moved Alex (18) into her dorm room Saturday, classes start Wednesday. She's a junior, has 2 years of community college under her belt. Majoring in Social Work and minoring in Psych - she should be well qualified after living in this house.

No turning back now. Seems like it was just yesterday that she was born and made me a father for the first time. What happened to the little girl who used to ride on my shoulders? When did she become a wonderful young lady? Did her momma and I do a good enough job? Is she ready to face all that's out there? Will I ever stop worry about her? Why didn't I know it would be this hard?

Un-Loading the Suburban

Brother Caleb helping out - those are clothes in that blue sheet, not a body.

The pile to go up to the room is shrinking

Rearranging the furniture

At least they have plenty of closet space


mary margaret said...

Dear Rob, There is no such thing as plenty of closet space!

Seriously, I'll answer some of your questions and guess at a few more. That little girl that you carried on your shoulders--she's growing up. She became that wonderful young lady in what seems like a heartbeat. I bet you and Sam have done a good enough job (you had great stuff to work with, didn't you?) She'll manage all "that stuff" with God's help. You will never really stop worrying about her, but it will get a little easier as time goes by. None of us knows how hard it is until it is upon us. Best advice from one who has been there--trust God, He loves her even more than you do.

God bless you and all your family. This is hard, I know. (I'm still missing my 24 yr old daughter. Still seems like yesterday that she was born and I became a mother for the very first time.) BTW, that 24 yr old is doing very well and I couldn't be more thankful and proud that she is my beloved daughter. Hang in there--it gets even better.

Rob said...

MM aka TG - thanks for the kind words. But what are you doing up at 1:35am? Or are you in a different time-zone?

Her MOM said...

"Why didn't I know it would be this hard?"

SO YOU DO HAVE SOME HEART!!! Why did you make such fun at me for crying all day? You are the best DADDY ever!!!+JMJ+

Colleen said...

So where does a father of 11 kids send his first-born for college? I'm suprised it wasn't straight to the nunnery :-)

Rob said...

Lover Girl - I do have heart once in awhile. Just so long as it's not some Chick Flick I'm supposed to cry at.

Colleen - We have threatened to send all the girls to convents with 12 foot walls.
She's going to a State school about 30 minutes away. Will actually see her tomorrw, need to take her car up to her, it's having some work done on it

momto5minnies said...

WOW, it seems like yesterday that my family took me off to college. I remember how overstuffed my closet was. Maybe in your house of 13, her closet (now) seems spacious ;)

At least you are only 30 minutes away ... that isn't too bad.

mary margaret said...

Hey Rob, You (and Sam) are very welcome. I'm more than impressed by reading about your family. I think you guys are doing a tremendous job raising your beautiful (and numerous!) family.

Yeah, I'm out here in fly-over country. Kansas!!! (home of Archbishop Chaput-he grew up pretty close to my home town--I know some of his relatives but have never met him.) Yeah, 12:35 was probably later than I should have been awake, but you're not the boss of me!

BTW, I'm a little jealous. My oldest daughter went off to college at Mizzou (5 hours away). Now she's living in TN (15 hours away)! On the other hand, my younger daughter is going to school right here in her home town and living at home (all about saving money, that one). I'm thrilled that she's here (she's my tennis player, too. Much better than I am, BTW). She turns 21 this Wednesday--pray for me!! No, not because she'll be one to go over the edge, but because I'm feeling oooooooold!

Well, I'm off to watch the US Open. I think Djokovic wins this one, although I'd rather it would be Rafa (or Marat, of course). Women's title---who knows? I'd love to see Dinara win it. She deserves it after the last 6 months or so that she's had, but I kind of doubt it--coming back from China after losing in the final match.

Rachel said...

This is how I feel about Andrew, my firstborn. I am just glad he's going to Georgia State (which is 30 minutes away) so he's living here for now (coz he's broke!) But, if the next 4 years fly by as quickly as the last 18, I will be saying goodbye to him as he moves into his own place, soon enough. Oh God, perish the thought!!! :-(