Saturday, August 30, 2008

Pass the Gas

VALLEY CITY, North Dakota (AP) -- Carol Umsted got more than the word of God during services this summer at the Congregational United Church of Christ of Valley City.

She also got $50 worth of free gas, thanks to winning a raffle. For the local farmer, it was a nice side benefit, at a time when gas was more than $4 a gallon.

Churches nationwide are making similar offers, ranging from gas card raffles to 99-cent gas sales at local stations, to boost attendance during the vacation season and attract new members.

But some Christians question whether a financial incentive should be used to draw people into church.

Now normally I would be all over this, giving these churches a hard time. But we are talking Free Gas. Have you seen how much gas costs? Of course you have. Plus I don't have time, we are in CT for the weekend visiting Josh.

Heck I'd become a Moonie or a Hare Krishna for the day for a free tank of gas.

Before you judge me; do you realize I have 4 vehicles that require fueling.

2002 Chevy Prizm 30 mpg
1992 Pont Sunbird 25 mpg
1998 Chevy Suburban 15 mpg
2002 Doge 15-passenger van 12 mpg

Gasoline it now our third highest monthly expense, after the mortgage and the grocery bill.

So be kind to me.


momto5minnies said...

OI guess I shouldn't complain seeing as you own 2 more vehicles and one of them eats gas faster than my big one.

You need to drill for yourself ;)

I was so excited last week to pay $3.29 (really it should have been 10 cents more, but I have the grocery card for the gas station). Now that price is up to $3.63 again.

Rachel said...

since you donned your wife's wedding dress I don't put it past you to get dressed as a hari krishna. :-)

Kathleen said...

I just moved into a new apartment this week, and went to the Catholic Church around the corner for the first time on Sunday. They raffled off gas cards DURING THE MASS. At the end, but still, before Mass had been ended. That was just one of several - I'll say "unusual" - occurrences that'll likely have me "church shopping" over the next few weeks.

Catherine said...

Believe me or not, in France, Catholic churches made all that was possible to make people come back to church. But they never try to pay for that!
And let me tell you that you wouldn't be a good Hare Krishna member, drugs, alcohol, and furthermore COFFEE are prohibited_verbotten-interdit-vietato. I've always thought our religion was the most 'open', understanding (I like to eat pork, I want to keep drinking coffee, and accept to wear a scarf only when we drive our convertible : )