Saturday, August 9, 2008

Day 1 at the Beach - Saturday's Auto-Post

Depending on the time of day you are reading this, we are hanging out on the beach working on our skin cancer or (God-forbid) still in the Family Truckster 'enjoying' the 5 hour ride down to North Carolina's Outer Banks. Which means I've probably threatened them a 100 times with 'turning this van around' or 'pulling it over' or 'I told you to go before we left'.

Not sure what time we left this morning since I typed this a few days ago and at that time departure time was still being 'discussed' between myself and DW. Her vote was for 4am - mine for 6am. We are both up early but I will be the one doing all the driving and she will be doing all the sleeping on the way their. We both want to beat traffic but we can't check-in to the house until 3-6pm. So I figure if we get there by noon and hang on the beach for awhile that will be good. Sam would like to get there around 10am. Either way by the time we are allowed in the beach house the kids will be sweaty, smelly, sandy, cranky messes......pretty much the norm actually.

We will be at the beach for one glorious week or it may feel like a week in one of the outer rings of hell. It's hard to tell with vacations...they can go either way.

There will me 14 of us (me, 1 wife, 10 kids (Josh is in NH), 1 mother and 1 SIL) staying in a 4 BR beach house. The good news is we are right across the street from the beach. Like 25 yards away.

My sister and BIL and friends of theirs are staying in a house right next door. Each couple has 4 kids, so we will have 18 kids between the 2 houses.

Like I said; it could be fantastic or it could be like pulling your fingernails off with a pair of pliers.

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momto5minnies said...

Well, i hoped you left when your wife hoped to because we all know that it is rare to get out of the house on time. It's likely you left closer to your time ;)

Have fun on your beach trip. You will be fine even if you have to sleep like sardines in the house. It's only a week.

Autopost is cool!