Tuesday, August 5, 2008

It's Raining Food

A follow up to yesterdays post. I mentioned how family and friends are always helping out. Yesterday Sam got a call from one of the local churches that also has a school attached to it. They had some extra food they needed to get rid of before school started up. Probably some Commie state regulation that only allows new food to be served,

Anyway we are now the proud owners of the following:

1 full box of fund-raising chocolate bars (50 count)

1 large pail of chocolate ice cream

Around 200 popsicles, ice cream sandwiches and chocolate ├ęclairs

A large pack of ground beef

2 bottles of chocolate syrup

1 bottle of catsup

I jar of horseradish sauce

1 large bottle of pancake syrup

3 packs of hamburger rolls

1 jar of mayo

1 jar of relish

2 bottle of whipped cream

2 packs of tortillas

2 buckets of KFC chicken (leftover from a youth group party last week - not from last school year)

It all should make for an interesting dinner tomorrow night.

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