Saturday, August 23, 2008

Time to Get a New Hobbie People?

The Italian Association for Defense of Animals and the Environment, which has a white bunny logo, has started an online petition signed by nearly 1,900 people asking Pope Benedict to stop wearing ermine on his hats and robes.

Come on the ermine looks like a white weasel. If I want to see a weasel I'll just go visit The Donk. Aren't there some baby seals or whales that need saving instead?

Leave his Holiness alone dudes. He's got a whole lot of other things to worry about, like whether or not the Sign of Peace is a pinko-commie plot (it is). Plus I think the lid looks pretty cool on him.

Petitioners gave their reasons for signing on the Web site.

“The pope has a cat he loves a lot, so why doesn't he use it for one of his capes?” wrote one of the petitioners, who signed as Sergio Porcelli from Ercolano, near Naples.

Not a bad idea. "I thought I saw a puddy cat"

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