Friday, April 3, 2009

Pet Peeve Phriday

People Driving with Dogs on Their Laps

And little lap dogs in general.

Yesterday leaving my neighborhood a woman driving a SUV almost ran the light at my street. As a carefully pulled out after she had finally stopped, I glanced at her, and surprising she wasn’t on a cell phone or putting on makeup, her distraction was one of those yappy little dogs sitting on her lap.

Listen people if you want to own one of those obnoxious little dogs that a cat could beat-up, go right ahead. I have no problem with that. Just don’t drive with it on your lap. A few weeks ago some woman was blasted in the media for nursing while driving but you never hear anyone complain about the yahoo’s driving with pets on their laps. And no I’m not comparing a baby to a Miniature Schnauzer in importance.

***Bonus peeve***two for the price of one today***

When the above took place, Sam and I were taking the 8 youngest kids to Daily Mass. I was working from home so we decided to take the kids to 9am mass at a nearby church. After getting ourselves and the kids reasonably presentable and then packed into the van and almost getting killed by drives-with-dog-on-lap-chick we pull in to the parking lot only 2 minutes late. We try and quietly slink into the back pews and Sam gives me an Oh No look. It’s not a mass it’s a communion service. And it’s not a deacon run communion service it’s a run by a never-got-over-not-being-allowed-to-be-a-priest-old-woman communion service.

I look over at Sam and mouth “you owe me big”. She knows how I dislike communion services and lay person run communion services in particular. Yeah I know stuff happens and the priest can’t make it sometimes. And yeah I know stuff happens and the deacon can’t make it sometimes. But this was painful.

I feel for you folks in parishes without full time priests or just one over worked one. We are blessed with two orthodox priests at our parish and a deacon who can pinch hit in an emergency and run a communion service.


Isn't That Special


Mau said...

Arghh! Communion services are a pet peeve of mine too. It really would be better to cancel a daily Mass rather than hold a communion service. Keep on praying for vocations to be heard! That is the only good solution.

Kindas said...

I have to tell you I like your pet peeves, I always forget about those things that bother me, because most times I have learned to ignore them.. But one comes up several times a year. When people ask you where your children go to school and then you say "We Homeschool." they then proceed to say "But you live in a really good school district." Then they say I know because they say "I have subbed or my kids go there.. When will they learn? " I do apologize for my ramblings..

Rob said...

mau - i can handle it if it's a deacon but at the risk of sounding totally sexist - when it's some old woman preist wannabe type - i get a little upset ;)

yes we need moe vocations

kindas - we used to get that about homeschooling but i guess we have been doing it long enough now that people have finally left us alone about it

TheSeeker said...

Ugh, I hate when people drive with yappy dogs running around the front seat! That just can't be safe. Freaks me out.
And I've never been to a Communion Service, but that doesn't sound good. I don't approve of woman priest-wannabes. Or those icky old hippie nuns. I wish people embraced their gender-roles as God intended more often.