Thursday, February 19, 2009

American Idol Night - '09

Results show night.

But first, I just checked with Vegas and the over/under on how many times Danny Boy’s dead wife or his tragedy or his heroic rising above his situation is set at 4 times. I've got 100 bucks on the over.

Is it just me or is this incessant marketing of this poor woman’s death and Danny Boy’s ‘Heroism’ for going on with life (like millions of other people) getting more disrespectful and creepy as we go on?

What’s next? Candles passed out to the audience for a candle-light vigil while Danny Boy sings ‘Amazing Grace’? Don’t be surprised if this happens, this show is on FOX who brought us the midget Bachelor-type show ‘The Littlest Groom’

So tonight the highest female vote getter and male vote getter get through, plus the next highest vote getter that is left. After 3 weeks of this we will have 9 contestants left (if my public school math is correct) and then the judges will add 3 of their choosing.

Like I said in yesterdays post my predictions for tonight are:

Anoop Desai, Triple T and Danny Gokey get through. With Alexis Grace and Ricky Braddy also in the running.

So let’s see if I’m a genius or not.

Seacrest is looking hipper tonight. The Ward Cleaver look is gone. He tells us that 24 million votes were cast last night. 200 wee me on two cell phones voting for Tatiana the Terrible.

First a How Did They Get Here montage………yawn.

The group song tonight is Jason Mraz’s ‘I’m Yours”. It’s a campy Disney-ish version. I used to like this song. Casey Carlson is sporting a lot of cleavage tonight in a desperate attempt to stay on the show. I guess no one told her the voting ended last night at midnight.

After a long break (hey that got an hour to fill – never mind that this could all be done in a 5 minute broadcast) we see the short versions of last night’s performances.

The 12 are sitting on chairs and The Seacrest is asking them how they thought they did last night. All I heard was blah blah blah.

Ryan brings up Casey ‘Double C’s” Carlson and she is given one more chance to show off here assets before given the boot. Next up is Stephen “I Forget the Words and Pout About It” Fowler and no surprise he’s gone too. Now we get Alexis ‘Two-Tone” Grace…..and….she’s in!!!!!! Yeah for her. She gets to sing her song from last night again. She’s got some mish-mash outfit on that somehow works

Rickie and Jackie are brought up together. Guess they are jumping together off the bridge. First Rickie is given the heave-ho and then Jackie. No surprise.

Next we get Anoop and Michael. Anoop is a pretty tall dude. Ryan asks them if they are nervous. And MICHAEL is going through?! Really? Even Michael looks shocked. Anoop is going home? Ok color me shocked. As Mr. Incredible would say, “they just keep finding new ways to celebrate mediocrity” Michael “Tough Job” Sarver sings his song again. So I’m 0-2 so far. I stink. Anoop could still get through as a Judge’s wildcard.

This messes up Tatiana getting through. I don’t think she got more votes than Danny “Did you know my wife passed” Gorkey. But I never thought Michael would get more votes than Anoop so what do I know.

After a break we get Michael Johns and Carly Smithson. Our two foreigners from last years show. Actually my two favorites from last year. They are supposedly doing a duet tonight. They are singing “The Letter” by The Boxtops. They both look and sound pretty good. Although Sam thinks Michael needs to unbutton his jacket. And Carly has two large black caterpillars for eyebrows – but I’m being too picky. And that’s it for this segment.

Anne Marie, Stevie and Brent are brought forward. All 3 are dispatched quickly and painlessly.

Next up are Tatiana and Danny. Paula rambles in something resembling English but not quite. Paula-Bonics We get the cliffhanger treatment and are off for more commercials.

Ok we are back and the two left both look pretty nervous. Seacrest tries to drag it out but there isn’t much to really say. The Danny gets through and sings that incredibly sappy “Hero” song. I leave the room for a minute to throw-up my roast beef and baked potatoes. Ok I’m back. Tatiana I’m sorry my dear. I did my best. I only have so many phones and hands.

So we have Danny, Alexis and Michael in. I was 1 for 3. Sad.

I quick peek at the 12 for next week and we are done. Ciao.


momto5minnies said...

I'm glad Danny and Alexis got through. Michael (may be a nice guy) is not that talented. I really was hoping for Anoop ... maybe he will be brought back.

Michael Johns ... his jacket was way too tight ;)

ck said...

hey man, tnx for voting for Tatiana! hope she makes it for the Wild Card..! Funny blog as usual~ at times funnier than i read in VFTW! ^_^ right on about Danny's dead-wife's pimping is un-classy. =/