Thursday, February 19, 2009

We are a Nation of Over Sensitive Wienies

Is this cartoon racist? That's what the usual PC race-card players would have you believe. The cartoon is from the NY Post. Keep in mind that a crazy chimpanzee on the loose in Connecticut was shot dead by police the day before this cartoon came out.

Al Sharpton and his goons are howling about it. Why? Apparently they think the dead monkey is The One and comparing a half black dude to a monkey is a sin. Never mind that The O didn't write the damned stimulus bill. Come on, like a bunch of people got together in the White House for a weekend cram session and wrote the 1000+ page bill. The awful thing came from congress. It's Pelosi's bill. Didn't any of these people ever watch the Schoolhouse Rock cartoon, How a Bill Becomes a Law? Oh I forgot they didn't have TV's growing up cause The Man was always putting them down.

Well here it is for your eduction "Revered" Sharpton

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Goodwyf Allie said...

I didn't know about the eascaped monkey. . .those nutty reporters just want to make everything a controversy! Drives me nuts. I think there were a lot of Bush/monkey cartoons weren't there?