Wednesday, February 11, 2009

American Idol Night - '09

Still in Hollywood and 72 left. Tonight they get to perform with a band, backup singers or their own instrument. We are at the ‘historic’ Kodak Theater

The judges are agonizing over the contestants with the singers are in the holding tank.

But first we get a recap of how they spend their days….boringly it looks like.

First up is Adam ‘I get my eyeliner by the case’ Lambert. Doing Cher’s Believe. While I don’t like this guy’s styles, he seems like the type who could go far.

T-shirt and Vest guy is playing an electronic piano. He’s bluesy and soulful.

We get a glimpse with BFF’s Jamar and Danny “I Recently Lost My Wife’ Gokey…..Jamar is dressed like Kermit the Frog in a very bright green sweater singing Hey There Delia…..i loath that whiny crybaby song. Jamar needs to leave just for choosing it. Danny’s ok but the whole BFF thing is tiresome. I mean it’s worse than Rob and The Donk’s BFF man-crush thing….ewwwww

Time for commercials. What is Kara wearing? Anyone? She looks like a brown ostrich. And Paula is dancing and bouncing all over the place. Time for the FOX breathalyzer. Randy is wearing some mardi gras beads. Please don’t pull-up your shirt Randy.

Annop Dawg Desai and Jorge Nunuez get some brief screen time. I like the Annop dude.

Scott ‘the blind piano man’ Macintyre is back in front of some keyboards and looks a lot more comfortable. But not a great voice. Is he being kept around cause he’s blind? For the story? FOX wouldn’t do something cheap like that, would they? Nah

Kendall “I’ll Get Thru on My Cleavage if not Singing’ Beard is bubbly but so-so but should get by on her looks for now

Stevie ‘Girl not a Boy’ Wright is up. 16 year-old who I really like.

Kristen McNamara is up and interviewed. She was part of some drama that I must have missed last week when I was on my death-bed.

The incredibly annoying Tatiana Del Toro (is she named after a lawnmower?) sings next and is so fullof herself. She can’t go soon enough.

Alexis Grace, Kenny Hao and jasmine Murray get 5 seconds each but they are a good 5 seconds

Nathaniel ‘Drama-Queen and Tinkerbelle wannabe’ Marshall is featured next. Somebody shoot me now or him or both of us. This ‘dude’ more effeminate than Richard Simmons

Joanna ‘The Ringer’ Paciti and cool haired black dude Stephen Fowler butcher the lyrics to their songs……never a good idea……

“Confessions of a Shopaholic” this looks like it could be one of the worst movies ever made. Ok I take that back. There was just a preview for ‘Fired Up’. So it’s a tie for the worst movie ever. I’d rather watch Teen Wolf and Teen Wolf Too.

Nick/Norman/Sybil is up next and trying to figure out who to sing as. Ok he’s doing the 80’s Flash Dance Queen thing again. I’d keep him around just for the craziness. The show needs his personality. Heck maybe he could co-host with Seacrest

Anne Marie Bosovich does a nice but not spectacular performance. I liked her from the earlier rounds…hope she gets through.

Ju’not (did I spell that right?) is up next. It appears he’s from my hometown. Guess I got to root for him now. Rats I was just getting ready to make fun of his ghetto look. Which I now know is fake since there is no real ghetto around here…other than my house.

Kaylan Loyd who is upset about her audition is shown but doesn’t talk. Lenshe Young, one of our sob stories is up next. She’s the poor girl. She’s got a real nice voice.

Kai Kalma is losing is voice. Bad timing.

Michael ‘Exxon-Mobil’ Sarver our friendly neighborhood oil field roughneck is up. He’s good.

Ok this weird. Simon leaves to catch a flight to London. His he being knighted, sacrificing a goat at Stonehenge.

So the minor three get to deliver the news. First they do the ‘we are sorry, oh psyche’ you are really through to one of the rooms. Man it’s the one with Tinkerbelle in it. Well at least he’s blogging material.

The second room is giving the boot. Little Castro is in that room so he’s home. Bummer. He had some character.

It’s near impossible to keep up with who is in what room. Check online tomorrow for the complete list.

Two more rooms to give news to and then we will be down to the final 36. Can’t come soon enough. Hearing a few seconds of people singing makes for lousy TV. This show does not flow at all in this format.

The 3rd room to get the news is giving a speech. Randy tries the fake-out thing again….as I roll my eyes. This room had too many good people in it, it was getting through.

Here we are at the 4th and final room. So they are going home right? Unless there is some craziness. And there is. This room gets through too. Color me confused. I guess the 3 rooms that got through add up to 36?! New math?

Ok here’s a preview for tomorrow night. They have to meet the judges in their mansion and sit down in front of them, like something out of the Godfather. Ok I get it, kind of


the donk said...

really??? there is a worse BFF man crush thing out there??? wow, those dudes must be pretty bad...

they must be triathletes

Mary said...

are you or me going to start cheering "go home Nick nathaniel dude, just go home!"
but...he does has a decent voice!!! ahh! what to do...