Friday, February 6, 2009


Yes it's back. Time for another installment of EOTWAWKI (end of the world as we know it).

  1. Panasonic reported a loss of $4.2 billion; it said it was cutting 15,000 jobs.
  2. The Chinese are now buying more automobiles than Americans
  3. Disney profits fell 32% in the first quarter
  4. Credit card delinquencies are at a record high
  5. Disney profits fell 32% in the first quarter
  6. India, which is now producing $2,000 cars, announced a project to build laptop computers that will sell for 20 bucks
  7. U.S. property owners lost $3.3 trillion last year, says Bloomberg. Houses in Las Vegas fell 41%. In Phoenix, they went down 43%. Miami homeowners saw a 40% decline.
  8. In Spain, unemployment grew 47 % in the last 12 months. 14% of the workforce is out of a job.
  9. IBM says it cut salaries by 15%. UPS said it froze its payroll.
So can we start calling this a depression instead of a recession? Or do we have to wait awhile long?

I guess we should wait a bit longer to use the 'D' word. But if Obama the Wise...Obama the Merciful...Obama the All-Knowing, doesn't have it fixed by year-end then the kid gloves come off. Obviously I'm joking since I don't think any politician or government official can do anything but make it worse.
Stay tuned.


Roger said...

I can't believe that Obama the (fill it in) won't be able to fix this. I mean that makes him sound like, like any other politician. Only this one has been caught with his britches down, and refuses to admit it.

Can't belive you went and mentioned Disney's losses twice - that hurts. :) Then again, maybe it will be cheaper the next time I go (2010).

Rob said...

Oh Roger of The Great Name - sorry to pick on Disney twice that was actually a mistake not a jab at them an extra time.
I would imagine by 2010 part of that year's stimulas package will include free tickets to Disney World/Land for every man, woman, child and dog (not cats) in this don't worry about it

the Mom said...

At least we can all take comfort in the fact that #12 is now looking like a baby and not like a dinosaur any longer.