Thursday, June 25, 2009

Cigarettes, Whisky and Wild, Wild Women

No that's not a title for a new FOX show, it's what the world's current oldest living man, Henry Allingham of England, attributes (somewhat tongue in cheek) his longevity too. Mr. Allingham celebrated his 113th birthday on June 6th.

And no hunny I'm not planning to follow Mr. Allingham's advice for a long least not at this time...But why is that governments try and limit and/or ban all the fun things....cigarettes, booze, riding a motorcycle without a helmet? If they want to be useful why not ban the truly dangerous things: rap 'music', Cher concerts, reality shows, Oprah etc....

From The Independent -

"Having spent 113 years and 14 days on this earth, Henry Allingham is used to breaking records.

He is one of three British men still alive who actively served in the First World War, is the last surviving founder of the Royal Air Force, has long held the record for being the oldest man in Europe and earlier this year he became Britain's most ancient man ever after overtaking John Evans, a Welsh former coal miner who died in 1990 aged 112 years and 295 days.

But when Mr Allingham woke up yesterday morning at St Dunstan's care home for blind ex-service personnel, in Ovingdean, near Brighton, the supercentenarian was informed that he had suddenly achieved the highest age-related accolade for men.

Tomoji Tanabe, a Japanese retired civil engineer, had died peacefully in his sleep overnight. He was 113 years' and 274 days' old and had more than 50 great-grandchildren. Having foregone alcohol and cigarettes all his life, Tanabe had became the world's oldest man in January 2007.

That mantle has now passed to Mr Allingham – the first time a British person has ever held such a title.

A St Dunstan's spokesman said that the oldest man on Earth greeted the news by simply returning to bed after breakfast for a celebratory nap."

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THE DONK said...

i thought it was livin on reds, vitamin c and cocaine???

Rob said...

Donk that is one option but Jerry Garcia didn't live quite as long as this dude