Thursday, June 18, 2009

Today's Workouts

I know y'all have been missing my daily updates on my running...really I know. You can pretend you don't care. But I know you do. Your lack of comments inquiring about my workouts aren't fooling me at all. I know y'all are out there...lurking...just waiting for me to post a running workout update. :P)

Any who here is what I did today. 22.43 mile long run in the pouring rain. Lighting during miles 10 thru 15. Yes I considered stopping but it seemed to be getting further away. Assuming counting 1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi reliable. Besides I have tons life insurance, Sam would be set.

And have no fear, just because I haven't been boring y'all with my workouts doesn't mean that I haven't been running everyday, because I have. Just ask my bride who has to smell all those sweaty running clothes that are perfuming our bathroom while the sweat dries out of them.

1 comment:

the Mom said...

Whew! I was beginning to worry that you were going soft on us. I can't tell you the relief....