Friday, June 26, 2009

Pet Peeve Phriday

Wearing hats sideways and droopy pants.

Ok so maybe I’m old but I can’t stand when people (mainly punk teens) wear their baseball hats sideways. I have, after many years, gotten used to kids wearing them backwards. But the folks that wear them at an angle look like a bunch of trailer-park trash morons and most of them confirm that description when they open their mouths to speak. These are the same yahoo’s who were the baggy jeans that are hanging halfway down their butts. Don't you just want to yank them up and staple-gun them to their hips?


momto5minnies said...

Oh that bugs me too.

I could go on and on with style picks that drive me nuts. One in particular is the strappy tank tops on girls with extra bra straps showing. I guess as a mom of girls I pay close attention to other girls.

Anonymous said...

I beg your pardon here but this is not blancmange moveable domecile fashion, we wear our ball caps the right way and if our pants don't fit its not the boxers you are going to see (for the record, YIKES!) ..., this pet peeve you feature today is ghetto style. AHEM, get it straight, will ya?

Rob said...

m25m - yeah that is real annoying too. actually most of the teen and pre-teen girl fashions i see makes me blush

jo - Blancmange? The dessert or the band?

And of course this pet peeve is ghetto style. I live in Pee Gee County Maryland. We border SE and NE DC. Need I say more? We are surrounded by ghetto. But what triggered this post was the ‘wannabes’ at our neighborhood pool. You know, the white teen boys who think they are gangsta and talk and dress like blacks. But instead of going home to the projects after hanging out at the pool, they get picked up by their mommies in a Lexus and go home to their fancy houses with plasma TV’s, i-phones and a organic vegan dinner

Anonymous said...

Man you are like pushing all my buttons today!

Blancmange was my bad attempt at a chi chi (pronounced shee shee although perhaps only in my world) alternative to white bread re the white trailer trash thing-- so not being the music guru you are I would have to say definitely the dessert, there- although I have never had it, you French-speaking college graduate you!

Alas for all my underwear buying at Walmart instead of Victoria Secret (reference to country music song by Gretchen Wilson- redneck woman, I think, in case that is an unknown genre to you up there in the NORTH...) I do wish I drove a Lexus or the pearlescent opal colored ESCALADE....heavy sigh... and I would buy a plasma tv in a heart beat if I could afford one, and I have been known to make my family eat vegan, but not so much organic- and it did not last long because bacon grease is not a vegan ingredient.

But gangsta- no, we only laugh at that stuff on TV...which we watch over the internet on our computers when we can piggy back on the neighbors in the upscale mobile home next door, or gerry rig some tinfoil and duct tape contraption to get it that way...

Jacque said...

Can I get an AMEN?!?! I can NOT tolerate the "I have to hold my pants to walk" Grrrrr...pull em up and get a belt!

Rob said...

jo - i'd take an escalade or lexus too, we do have a large screen hdtv...someone gave it too us.

yeah we don't do county music up here. but i don't consider us NORTH. we are south of the Mason Dixon line and a lot of the state had the good sense to support the South back during The War of Northern Aggression