Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Today's Workouts

13 mile run at lunch time in Saucony Tangents 3's (sweet shoes) in just a tad bit of heat. Around 88 at noon and humid which is just about normal for us.

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Anonymous said...

new format on your blog- it looks so techno savvy!?

I am just now up to almost jogging at a snail's pace .7 miles, yes that is right I typed POINT SEVEN-seven tenths of ONE mile, and every day I feel like death warmed over and despair of ever losing any of this baby blubber which I know is not going anywhere while I am nursing the baby. Every day that you log your workout I hope you thank God for all the graces you have to make it through each one and what a sense of accomplishment it must give you!
My biggest mid life goal is A) to finish having and nursing babies and B) to run a half marathon by the time I am 50. If I ever get to that second goal it will be definitive proof there is a God.
I am always impressed with the workout log and that Sam so graciously makes the sacrifices for the three hour runs.