Thursday, March 18, 2010

American Idol 2010

I'll spare you the detailed blow by blow.

In someways the results show was better because we didn't have the group lip sync. We did get the group Ford video which as far as those things go was pretty good last night.

I good have done without the Idolettes designing a paint job for a Ford Fiesta (they still make that car?) but Fox has to pay Simon's huge salary somehow.

David Cook was fine as entertainment (is it just me or is his hair thicker? Hair Club for Men? Rogaine?) and Orianthi was tolerable (in a leather-clad Barbie doll sorta way) BUT the 3rd rate Lady Gaga wannabe Kesha (spelled Ke$ha - she is so clever) was a total nightmare. As bad as Lady Gaga is at least she has talent. Kesha wouldn't have made it into the Top 24 if she was an Idol contestant. I would have rather them done the group lip sync.

Any who after a winnowing down the Idolettes to the bottom 3 vote getters, we are left with Paige, Lacey and Tim on the Stemware of Shame. Tim is the first to be told he is safe. Tim goes into is "I can't believe I am safe shocked routine". Does he practice it in front of the mirror? Another victory for VFTW.

Alas it's Lacey who is going home. She sings one more time but the judges decide not to use their Save Card on her. Sadly its not Paige since Lacey was one of my favorites this year.

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