Thursday, March 11, 2010

American Idol 2010

Is this the worst 60 minutes on TV? Why do I watch it? So I can complain? I mean I could just go online in an hour and find out in about 30 painless seconds who the 4 are that were kicked off. Go figure, guess I just like pain and suffering during Lent.

First we start with a painful picture of Randy in a bikini and then right into the equally painful Group Sing. These are almost universally bad and tonight is no exception. Crystal Bowersox, to her everlasting credit, looks like she is barely participating and would rather be anywhere else. Do song they are singing is "Haven't Met You Yet" by Michael Buble. There singing is actually pretty good, the song not so much.

We get made official what we already knew, that next week the Top 12 will be singing Rolling Stones’ songs.

Didi is Top 12 stuff. No Surprise there and she is sent over to The Stemware of Safety.

Siobhan “The Official Contestant of SCD” is safe

Katelyn and Paige are brought up and told one will be gone, please be Paige! OH NO its Katelyn?!?! Are you kidding me? Can anyone say race quota? This show is so fixed at times. And Simon totally knew who was getting booted, which goes against what we are told. They will stoop at nothing to make the judges look smart. Curse you VFTW! They certainly had to have had a hand in Paige staying.

So was that the first of 2 shockers that SeaWeed promised us? Well yea it was a shocker alright.

Lee, Tim, Todrick and Casey are hauled up on stage and made to endure Seacrest’s telling them how they got here. Like we all don’t know.


Tim=Safe which is actually cool cause Todrick should be gone. Those teen girls must really like Tim’s bangs and 6-pacl abs cause dude cannot sing. Seacrest drags it out by talking slower than a stroke victim. Spit it out son. And YES its Todrick the Thief who is heading home and hopefully to jail, or at least obedience school.

Todrick sings his song again and shows about 25 million people why he’s going home and why he should never have been in the Top 24 to start.

Two of last year’s contestants, Scott “blind dude” Macintyre and Matt “3rd rate Justin Timberlake” Giraud are singing at pianos. They are doing Bill Joel’s “Tell Her About it”. Matt is pretty good tonight.

Now back to the girls, oh and the guys. Mixing it up tonight.

Crystal is sent to the space age stemware of safety.

Big Mike joins her in safety.

Lacey of the pretty eyes=safe.

After being made to squirm and probably pee himself a bit, Aaron is safe.

Ok we’ve got Alex and Andrew left. Who is going? I would say Andrew is the worst of the two. Unbelievable. Andrew the two-bit Gokey is staying and Andrew is going? Ugh. Another quato filled. Siobhan seems to agree with me as she is crying. Maybe her and Alex are BFF’s. And Alex is singing “Trouble” once again and proving once again that he is better than Andrew.

So one spot left. It will be either Katie or Lilly. Now normally I would assume its Katie going home but after Paige and Andrew getting to stay, not to mention Aaron, I just don’t know. Holy Mother of Pearl it’s Lilly that is kicked-off. This is getting silly stupid this year.


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momto5minnies said...

I missed AI and my DVR did not record it ... AT&T U-verse failure (ugh).

Only Todrick would have been my pick to leave our of the 4 that got booted. I actually liked Alex Lambert's voice ... it was cool, current, and he was cute. I can't believe that a million teeny boppers wouldn't have voted for him. Now, I'm thinking this show may just be rigged.