Thursday, March 4, 2010

American Idol 2010

Top 20 Group Performance : "I Got A Feeling" By Black Eyed Peas

My Mom always said, "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all." But let me say this, they made it sound worse than the original...tough feat that. But don’t worry it will keep going downhill at the bottom of the hour when Danny Gokey returns to the Idol stage to sing. The over/under on how long he takes to mention is deceased wife is set at 2 minutes.

So my predictions I made the last two nights are:

Guys to go: Todrick and Jermaine. Another possibility is John

Gals to go: Haeley, Lacey or maybe Didi

11 minutes! That’s all it took for SeaBreeze to make a cougar joke about Kara/Casey.

There are very few guys that would be missed this season if they were sent home so it really doesn’t matter at all who gets sent home.

For the first guy to go it’s down to Todrick and John...and the stealer of little kids money is sadly safe and not going home or to prison. John “Token Asian” Park will be heading home which really isn't a surprise. So I didn’t get Todrick correct but I want partial credit for say John was a possibility.

1 guy down. 1 guy and 2 gals to go.

You all don’t really want me to list the guys as Seacrest goes down the list one by one do you? That’s what I thought.

Ok we are down to Andrew “Danny Gokey 2.0” Garcia and Jermaine “Who?” Sellers. It’s Jermaine going home, yes! I called that one. That’s one and a half right for me.

Apparently God is upset with me. Danny Gokey is singing some pop-extra-light song. I guess I could offer it up since it is Lent and all but man that is tough to take. He’s right back at it, mentioning is dead wife in a two minute interview with Seaweed. I have the dead-wife referance coming at 1:42 on my watch. Dude it didn't help you win Idol last year and it ain't gonna help you sell records this year.

Ok it’s the girls turn to sweat.

Down to two for the first girl who is going. The choices are: Michelle “The Black Diva” Delamor and Didi “The White Diva” Benami. And Michelle is going home, didn’t see that one coming. I actually like Michele and would have kept. Of course I would have kept Didi too.

And for the last girl to go we are down to: Haeley “How did I get into the Top 24” Vaughn and Lacey “Pretty Eyes” Brown. And the youngster Haeley is going back to high school where she belongs. Have fun young lady. Be a kid.

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