Tuesday, March 16, 2010

American Idol 2010

It’s Stones night on Idol

Michael - “Miss You” – hey good voice for Michael but I don’t like the arrangement or the dancing he’s doing. Gokey from last year danced better than Big Mike. Ok it’s cheesy and corny but I give him credit for trying not to be boring like most of the performers. Of course RanEllara are lusting all over him since he is one of the Chosen Ones. Simon says it on straight but dis’ his dancing. Simon and Seabiscuit have a bit of a cat fight to see who is Queen Bee. Grade B-

Didi – “Play with Fire” – our Brook White wannabe is singing one of my more favorite Stone’s song. She’s singing a very depressed version of the song. And her facial expressions are kinda creeping me out, like she wants to slash my tires or throat. That being said I like her voice. RanEllara like her, the three of them appear to be in a good mood tonight. Or maybe they realize they have marginal talent this year and need to talk it up. Simon likes her and thinks she’s getting better and can do even better. Grade B

Casey – “All Over Now” – Casey is brining a bit of country blues tonight with is electric guitar. He really plays a nice guitar and would song great in a Bar Band. RanEllara loves him and Ellen throws in a sly switch-hitter joke. Of course the Cougar is all over him. Ok it was good but chill babe or Ryan is going to throw some cold water on you. Simon likes it but says it wasn’t incredible. Grade A-

Lacey – “Ruby Tuesday” – Lacey is looking cute and somewhat more comfortable on stage tonight. She has such a distinctive voice, in a good way, but it’s a very soft voice. I liked her version and it was something I could listen to again. Not credit but good enough to keep her around. RanEllara are so-so on her tonight. And the only judge that matters says she performs like an actress, too planned and thought out. Grade B-

4 down and no train wrecks yet. Andrew, Kate and Tim are up next so that should be corrected soon.

Andrew – “Gimme Shelter” – this is so not doing it for me. Sorry Andy. It’s not the worst he has ever been but its not good either. His vocals are average and his dancing bad and his facial expressions are even worse. Randy says it was pitchy everywhere. Right on Bro! Ellen is high again this week. Kara didn’t have a connection with it. Simon thinks he tried hard but it wasn’t quite there and throws in a plug for him. Well Andrew was one of the Chosen Ones at one time, hard for Simon to let go. Grade D+

Katie – “Wild Horses” – ok she is supposed to be going younger, yet they have her in an antique dress and old lady jewelry. What gives? And then she chooses a slow somewhat sad song. And she does a boring performance of it. Might be time to start packing, unless Paige smells up the joint. RanEllAra are ok with it but not thrilled. Simon liked the first half of the song. Grade C but she will be safe because they talked her up. Grade D

Tim – “Under My Thumb” – Tim Tim Tim I am really not sure of this song choice for you. Tim has pulled out his guitar for tongihts show. Maybe he can set it on fire after this horrible performance. Tim your only hope is if VFTW selects you again. This is the only performance where I literally laughed out loud. He is the worst of the night. But Tim has been living on borrowed time since barely squeaking into the Top 24 a month ago. RanEllara don’t like but give him some credit for changing it up. Simon is not down with it. Grade D-

Siobhan – “Paint it Black” – ok girl let’s get it done. She is on the stair ala Adam Lambert. She starts the song of very softy and then starts to kick it up and channels the aforementioned Mr. Lambert. She gets crazy but doesn’t lose control. Finally someone who didn’t play it safe. Thanks Siobhan. Randy Loves it. Ellen Loves it. Kara sound like me, yuck. Simon also loves it and praises it and calls her the best of the night. Well said Sir Simon. Grade A

Lee – Beast of Burden” – Lee is my favorite dude this year so I have high hopes. I think he should have kept the hat on, he looked cooler with it. I really like Lee’s voice, the arrangement is ok. Not great but credit to him for changing it up. Good enough to stay around. Randy pulls out the Dope card, he gets paid each time he says it. Ellen says it was a bit lacking. Kara says he is growing it each week and getting better. Simon likes Lee but says he doesn’t shine. Simon wants him to have more confidence because he’s good. Grade B+

Paige – “Honky Tonk Woman” – Paige why this song? I love this song. Why not be un-PC and pick Brown Sugar? That would-be great and I might actually like you. This is one of Paige’s better performances. Not great but good for Paige. The outfit is silly though. The judges all like it ok. Grade B

Aaron – “Angie” – A 16 year old singing Angie?! I don’t know man. I’m not feeling it from him. Way too old a song for him. His voice is fine but this song does not fit the young lad. He’s rocking a new Ellen-like hairdo. RanEllara love him. Simon thinks it’s a great song choice, Simon is high tonight. Grade B-

Crystal – “You Can't Always Get What You Want” – One of my fav Stone songs. It started off a bit weak but then she got in to it and rocked it. My only issue is that she’s the same each week, real good, but the same. RanEllara are fans but it’s not her best night. Simon says Siobhan was better tonight. Grade A-

Worst of the night and could be going home: Tim, Katie, Andrew and Lacey are all candidates. Though I hope Lacey makes it.

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momto5minnies said...

So Lacey is gone ... big bummer. I'm pretty sure that this season is all about getting rid of the talent early on. I really hope that the remaining folks show some major improvements or I'll be yawning the rest of the season.