Saturday, August 31, 2013

Eating Down the Apocalypse Supplies

Our cup, pantry and freezer overfloweth.

Because of this borderline hording mentality I seem to have developed, we are well stocked in the dry-goods, staples and frozen meat departments. Heck I've got enough toilet paper stocked to wipe all the asses in DC, and enough toothpaste to brush out their lying mouths. Living in the DC area I'm not sure how I will know if the Zombie Apocalypse has actually happened or if it's just business as usual in DC.

We have accumulated a lot of rice, pasta, cake mixes, chicken and ground beef...we have enough chicken and ground beef for McDonald's to serve a few more million. We also have half-a-dozen jars of jalapenos, I don't know why.

So for the month of September we are gonna "eat what we have" and not buy a lot of groceries. The obvious exceptions being milk, eggs, bread and fresh fruit and veggies.

Besides making some room in the pantry and freezers, I'm curious to see how much less than normal we spend out of our monthly food budget.

Will post an update on October 1st on how it worked out.

***all posts applying to my family only - your results will be different***

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