Sunday, August 4, 2013


Guys will rag, get stressed out about, or angry with their wives and/or girlfriends for the following:

$150 for a haircut and color
$200 for new place settings
$120 for designer jeans
$300 at a Day Spa for a Swedish Massage, European Facial, salt scrub and a body wrap - I have know idea what that means

But we will think nothing of Spending:

$700 for a new putter
$300 for a custom made monogrammed bowling bowl
$150 Fantasy Football league fees
$800 for Hank Aaron's rookie card
$100 to entry a March Madness bracket pool


Sam said...

I feel guilty buying designer jeans at Goodwill for $6? You forgot to mention $60 running shoes for men!

Rob F said...

Those $6 jeans look awesome on you. And running shoes are "need" not a "want"