Monday, August 26, 2013

Tip of the Day

Make your Smart Phone work for you. Use it to compare prices when shopping in a Brick and Mortar store.

When shopping at Target, Walmart, Sears etc...use a smart phone app to compare prices online.

The 3 apps I use:
  • Amazon - with the Amazon app you can scan the bar code of an item or type it in.
  • eBay - I can also look-up items on my eBay app. They sell new stuff in addition to the used stuff.
  • The Find - you can scan a bar code, type in a product name or type in a UPC, It will then look for the best prices at numerous stores/sties.
Buying online, in addition to being cheaper most of the time, saves you on sales tax too. 6% in my area.

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