Monday, August 12, 2013

Saving Money on Shaving


It's bad enough that we have to shave our faces, or legs for the ladies, so why increase the pain by spending more than we have to on it.
I’ve never really understood why some people use expensive disposable razors, the cheepy double-blade Bic’s (.26 each from Amazon) work just fine for me. Maybe my baby face doesn’t need anything fancy. Not sure. But the cheap razors seem to shave me nice and close. Mrs. Sardonic seems to agree, and the 13 kids should attest to the fact that my face is at least somewhat kissable.

Current Amazon Prices for some of the more popular refills:
Gillette Mach 3 - $2.25 each
Gillette Proglide - $3.50 each
Schick Extreme 3 - $1.18 ea
Schick Hydro 5 - $2.25 each
Bic Twin Select Razor (not a refill) – 26 CENTS each!!! Works great.

We get name-brand shaving cream from the dollar store. 3 cans last a year. I spend about $5 total per year to keep my lovely mug mostly stubble free.

How to get 2-6 months out of a single 26-cent razor:

  • Always dry it after use. Water is a blade's enemy
  • “Sharpen” the blade on a pair of blue jeans (really). Drag the razor down the pants leg 20 times and up 20 times. You do this in the opposite direction that you would normally shave. Video below since my description stinks.
  • Store the razor in a jar with some rubbing alcohol or baby oil in the bottom.

Note-I only shave 2-3 times per week, not daily.

Other options:
  • Safety Razor - $40-$50 upfront costs, but that provides enough blades for years and years.
  • Straight Razor - $20-$30 for a quality razor. Should last ages, just don't slit your throat.
  • Electric Razor - $40-$200 depending on the model. Have to replace the heads/blades after a certain amount of time.

Video of the jean sharpening technique

Or just quit shaving and join the cast of Duck Dynasty 


Anonymous said...

Go safety razors! Find a vintage Gillette double-edge safety razor in your old relatives' houses. Quality refill blades are less than 10¢ each. That's right: 100 blades (2 year supply at 1 blade/week) for $10.

Rob F said...

yup, find an old saftey razor., I've got my mom, the garage sale junkie, looking for on.
Amazon has 100 blades for $6 using their subscribe and save service. And I'm guessing if I kept the blade dry i could get more than a week out of it.
for those who don't remember safety razors. this is one:
I may just buy that one and give it a go, i mean it's only $2.53 and has good reviews-if i do buy it i'll report back

and here are the blades;