Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My Journey to Coffee Paradise

While never one to waste money buying coffee at Dunking Donuts, Starbucks or other coffee joints, I am a coffee fiend. I drink way too much of the Black Liquid from Heaven. In my quest for better at-home coffee, I've gone from drip coffee to K-cup machine to French Press to Espresso machine. 

I switched because of taste, not price. The savings is an added bonus.

I work from home so making espresso, or any other style coffee, is not an issue. I’m in no hurry. When I did commute to an office, I made coffee in the morning with my French Press and then brought it to work in one of those metal-thermos' that construction workers use.

Here is what I found over the past 5 years or so of working at home.

  • Coffee shop coffee cost: $120-$180 per month (or more), $4-$6 per day

  • K-cup – Machine cost: $100 – K-Cup Coffee cost: $60 per month, $2 per day

  • French Press/Coffee Beans - French Press & Grinder cost: $50 – Coffee Bean cost: $52 per month $1.67 per day

  • Espresso – Machine cost: $60 – Italian Ground Espresso cost: $15.28 per month, 51 cents per day

Yearly savings using espresso vs. k-cups or French Press: $425-$520
Yearly savings using espresso machine vs. Starbucks/Dunkin: $1,236-$1,854

This is the machine I bought 2 years ago. It was $60 then, it's gone up to $84. It will still pay for itself quickly.

This is the espresso I get delivered every month through Amazon's subscribe and save service (extra 20% off for frequent buyers (5 or more items per month)). One $15.28 order lasts me a month.

Sure I could probably save a few dollars more a month by switching back to generic drip coffee (or heaven-forbid, quit), but lets get serious.  

We still have the K-Cup machine for when guests are over, for the college kids to use or a quickie cup when on the run. I've since found K-Cups from Amazon that are only 29 cents each. (San Fransisco Bay brand)

For those of you with a Starbucks addiction. Here are some recipes you can make at home.

Starbucks drink recipes 


Maurisa said...

Starbucks; Charbucks. We brew espresso at home too. We did splurge on an Italian machine several years ago. It's already paid for itself in the money we've saved by not going to Starbucks. Unfortunately, Wingnut is a coffee snob and we've tried all sorts of coffees, from grocery store brands to specialty coffee shops. We have a subscription to Ceremony Coffee in Annapolis. It is pricey, but worth it. We are still saving money brewing at home and it is a lot better than anything we can get in a coffee shop in Utah. Utahans have no clue when it comes to coffee.

Rob F said...

HAHA - I bet its tough finding good coffee in the land of the caffeine free.
I remember when you got that Italian machine. Cool that its still providing you with the good stuff.

I was getting a monthly coffee bean deliver from the Mystic Monks. But it was over $50 a month and I was tired of paying it.

Wingnut is right, life is too short to drink crappy coffee

jenna fortin said...

I love Cafè Crème and also espressos. I usually make my own from my new la marzocco espresso machine .