Thursday, October 23, 2008

#11 Again!!!!

Drats! Once again I just missed the top ten.

LOS ANGELES - Barack Obama was voted the most influential man of 2008 in an online poll released on Tuesday that asked men to decide who most impacted the way they behave, buy and think.

The Democratic presidential candidate was ranked No.1 by readers on the lifestyle Web site, beating Apple chief executive Steve Jobs and Olympic swimming champion Michael Phelps, who landed in the No. 2 and No. 3 spots, respectively.

Republican presidential candidate John McCain was ranked No. 10 on the list, which was compiled on the basis of 200,000 votes from readers of the Web site whose average age is 27-28 years-old.

The Top 10 on the Most Influential Men list:

1) Barack Obama (LMAO)
2) Steve Jobs (Ipods and Mac Books are nice, but #2? seriously?)
3) Michael Phelps (incredible swimmer but influential? I mean at anything other than pimping products.)
4) Robert Downey, Jr. (I can see this one, the IronMan suit was totally wicked)
5) Stephen Colbert (never heard of him - too lazy to google him)
6) Gordon Ramsay (never heard of him - too lazy to google him)
7) Christian Bale (as himself or as Batman or as John Connor in Terminator 4 that's coming out next May? anyway is cool)
8) Rob Kay (never heard of him - too lazy to google him)
9) Cristiano Ronaldo (my soccer playing kids will be pleased)
10) John McCain (I'm surprised 27-28 year-olds know who he is)


Anonymous said...

We all know you love Ron Paul, but haven't heard if you will be voting for McCain?

the Mom said...

Of course he will, because like every other red-blooded American male, he has a secret crush on Sarah Palin. Who wouldn't rather look at her for the next 4 years instead of Joe Biden?

Alex said...

Come on dad you don't know who Colbert is? You would totally like him

Rob said...

Alex - I'm old, Love Dad