Monday, October 6, 2008

Don’t Take it Personally Babs

Maybe there is something to this middle-child syndrome. Yesterday morning we did our normal get everyone dressed and out the door and rush to church thing. We needed to be there at least 15 minutes early since Caleb was serving High Mass.

We actually had it easy yesterday. Alex and Josh are away at school, and Lizzie was staying home with 2 of the little ones since she was going to a teen Mass Sunday night. So that meant we only had…um…let me get my shoes off…11 kids – 2 at school…- 3 staying at home…carry the 1…….…. = 6 kids going to church…I think. So we get a little was down the road and Sam realizes that Barbara (age 12 and the 5th child) wasn’t in the van. Not only that, no one had seen her that morning...she was still in the sack.

Part of it was Babs’ fault. She was pouting the night before because we moved Hunter (Cecilia 2) into her room. She is now sharing her room with Hunter and Mary (4). To make a long story short, Eric (1) busted up his crib on Saturday and we moved a few kids around. And Barbara was not happy about it so apparently she slept in the Eric’s old room which is now empty.

Where were we? Oh yeah, in the van. So I made a u-turn, try that in a 15 passenger van, and Sam called the house and told Lizzie to get Barbara up and have her get dressed. We picked up a non-plussed Barbara and went to church. She was very tired and grouchy looking for most of Mass.

The birth order of our kids never has seemed to make any difference on their personalities but maybe I was wrong and we are ignoring Barbara and she will be some mal-adjusted loser of a kid, staying in her room all the time, conjugating verbs and sewing Little House on the Prairie replica dresses.

Nah, not Babs, she is our social butterfly. She’s always playing friends, going to some party or generally having a great time. So much for the shrinks and their middle child syndrome.

I mean if Jan Brady survived with having to live up to Marica and put up with that whiny Cindy, than Babs will be just fine.


momto5minnies said...

Poor BABS! She must have been especially excited to go to Church this week ;)

I know you don't feel bad, but I did my very first "forgot the child" just today and I felt a little bad. I dropped off the 8 year old at practice, but my 10 year old who was already at the pool (she hitches a ride from school) was not coming out. I sent the 6 year old to get the 10 year old. I thought both girls came to my car, but only the 10 year old came (to retrieve her swim stuff). I zoomed away to go pick up my 13 year old from the library. THEN the 8 year old calls me from the pool to let me know that I forgot the 6 year old.

I never even noticed. Today my head is just in a fog. OOPS!

momto5minnies said...

You might get a kick out of ...

When I saw that picture of JAN I immediately thought of her.

Rob said...

A few years ago we lost our then 6 year old in colonial williamsburg for half and hour. it was very stressful.

thanks for the link. anyone that loves Jan is cool by me