Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hippie Lettuce is Better than Iceberg Lettuce

...at least on tacos out in Colorado.

LAKEWOOD, Colo. (AP) - A Colorado couple found an unusual topping on their order of tacos: a small bag of marijuana.

They discovered the drugs with their order from a Del Taco restaurant and called police, said Lakewood police spokesman Steve Davis.

Twenty-six-year-old Dennis Klermund, who police say waited on the husband when he picked up food Oct. 16, faces charges of possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

Klermund no longer works at the restaurant, said manager Ulises Montero. A message left for Klermund was not returned.

I don't know why he got fired. It sounds like a good business plan to me - give people the munchies so they will buy more tacos. Kinda like when Coca-Cola actually used to have coke in it.

You'd have to drug me to get me to eat at a Taco Bell type of place. That stuff is low-grade dog food. How my kids can eat at Taco Bell is beyond me, and I'll eat pretty much anything, anywhere, anytime.


KayleighJeanne said...

I think the hippies I went to college with would say that they're doing it wrong. They always smoked first, and THEN ate enormous amounts of fast food.

And since I was still running then (therefore not really into the smoking thing), I got to drive them everywhere and watch their antics. Fun times.

the donk said...


SMOKE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rachel said...

I have to say I am with the Donk on this one...totally.

As my Rob(ert) says: "Taco Bell, fit for human consumption...just barely." He doesn't like it either, but my kids sure do too.

Smiley said...

This adds a whole new spin to the word whats in the bell. ding ding