Sunday, October 26, 2008

Silly Sunday

The 80’s through music in 10 minutes

The good the bad and the ugly. For all of you around my age who survived the 80’s.
And I don’t want to hear how hot Rick Springfield was. And yeah Boy George scares me too. Eddie Murphy should stick to comedy. I liked Van Halen better with David Lee than Sammy. Mesiah complex or not, Bono can sing. Slash’s top hat is awesome. How much hairspray was used in making video’s in the 80’s?
Dark Secret – I took Sam to see Wham in concert and I lusted after the dude in A-Ha’s hair.


momto5minnies said...

There was a lot of gender confusion in the 80's ... too much makeup and hairspray ;)

I did like a-ha ... mostly I was excited for a Norwegian (my roots) band.

Anonymous said...

I bet you had a mullet. In the video: the progressions of Michael Jackson's plastic surgeries, I never liked the clean cut Bruuuce Springsteen, wish he would keep his politics to himself, Belinda Carlisle without the Go-Go's, the progression of the music video (unless your a heavy metal band then just do clips from live shows), Whitney Houston, clean and sober (pre-Bobby Brown), Bob George, scary! always enjoy Mark Knophler, outdated Hall and Oates and so much more... over 1000 songs, a few hits, available on LP records or cassettes.


Mairin :o) said...

There was a dude in A-ha's hair??

Smiley said...

My weakness has been music. It got sobad i studied to be a sound engineer. I kinda put music and sound before God. yeah slash was awesome with top hat and cigarette in his mouth (i took up smoking after that it was so cool)
Well luckily sense prevailed and im out of music more or less; sometimes i hear enter sandman by metalillica and i go all crazy.
I saw my first U2 concert live 2 years ago it was awesome.

Rob said...

smiley - I can totally see someone taking up smoking cause of Slash, there are a lot worse reasons to start.
I have Enter Sandman on my Ipod, when it comes on during one of my runs I know the pace of my running is going to pick up for the next mile or so