Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

First aired in 1966 - two years after I was born. Did you catch it on ABC last night?

Besides being based on a cool premise, a pumpkin that brings toys - I mean we all want more toys, it includes tons of other classic characters and bits.

  • Lucy pulling the football away from Charlie right when he's about to kick it
  • Pig Pen and his swirl of just
  • Linus and his security blanket
  • Sally threatening to sue Linus cause she missed trick or treating
  • Charlie Brown getting a rock at every house
  • and of course Snoopy wearing his WWI flying ace gear - climbing aboard his Sopwith Camel to do battle with the Red Baron

Plus there was a bonus Charlie Brown show - You're not Elected Charlie Brown
I'm thinking Charlie Brown would make a better president than the current choices - I wonder if you can vote for him, with Joe Cool as his running mate.


Mau said...

I'd vote for that ticket!

Anonymous said...

I just finished Charles Schultz's biography. Since he is not pro-life, I doubt Charlie Brown is. What do you have against McCain?

Rob said...

Mau - Maybe Joe Cool should be on the top of the ticket.

anon - He’s not Ron Paul

The lesser of two evils is still an evil

We have a choice between a Socialist and Fascist. I can’t bring myself to vote for Comrade Obama or Herr McCain

I could list a few pages worth of more reasons but no one really cares what I think anyway.

Mau said...

What!? Charles Schultz wasn't pro-life? I'm shocked and saddened. I guess I'll be voting for the "facist"--I know he's not perfect, but you didn't run, Rob, so I'm left voting for McCain ;-)

Rob said...

Mau - sad but i'm sure Snoopy is pro-life, he's to cool not to be.
See I was planning on voting for you and that great hair of yours....."It's all about the Hair" that could have been your campaign slogan.

momto5minnies said...

We watched it and I still love it!

The music also makes me happy.

Rachel said...

I love Charlie Brown. I have all these shows on DVD. I also have all the Rankin/Bass Christmas movies (even the one with the nuns!).

As far as McCain goes I have to agree with Dennis Miller: "The guy gave five and half years of his life, in the service of this country, to a horrible POW camp. The least I can do is give him a shot at 4 years in the White House."

Ron Paul, though a very cool guy, is completely naive regarding the problems of the Middle East.