Friday, October 10, 2008

Better Check Your Wallet

This is from the main headline on

World finance ministers and central bankers will gather in Washington this weekend to brainstorm solutions for the global financial crisis, CNNMoney reports

Yeah that makes me feel better…iIll sleep just great tonight. I wonder how much those meetings will cost us?


Karen LH said...

Rob, give them a break. They're trying to stanch the hemorrhaging from your wallet. This business is more than a little scary.

We haven't received all of our quarterly statements, but it's looking like we could have paid off our mortgage with what we lost last quarter in our retirement accounts. That's with seven years to go.

We're going to come live with y'all when the bottom falls out... I'll be reading to the kids every day. Sam will like that. :-)

Ah well. Time to break out the bourbon and settle down with a Walker Percy novel.

I'm thinking about writing in Calvin Coolidge this year.

Rob said...

Oh I know it’s bad. Got my statements in the mail yesterday. And here is quote from a daily financial newsletter I get.

“Guess how much Americans have lost so far from the stock market decline? Almost $5 trillion. Stocks are down about 33% from their ’07 peak – resulting in the destruction of wealth on an unprecedented scale.”

I just don’t believe there’s anything at all anyone can do about. I think all the excess’s of the last decade or so have to shake out. And it won’t be pretty. I’m going to guess (cause I got nothing better to do today) that the Dow is going to bottom out at 5,000.

The timing is really bad. Mom would like to retire next year…could be tough now.

How well I hope I’m wrong.

You can’t go wrong with Percy and a good bourbon. I started reading ‘Love in the Ruins’ again a few days ago.

Rob said...

Plus I can’t stop picking on them, politicians make so darn easy and fun too….I’m sure there’s a special place waiting for me in purgatory. Probably in a cell with politicians…I just hope it’s not the Clintons

Kathy said...

In return for making me laugh almost every day.

Catherine said...

I haven't kept up with the big world meeting. Did we send Mrs-our-finance-minister and her suite ?
And for us, How much does it cost ? Private Jet and all that goes with....
Do not wonder what they can do for us, it's already done, wonder what we 're compeled to do for them, now....