Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bumpaholics? Women Addictided to Having Babies?

The Belly-Rubbing High
Are some women addicted to having babies?
By Martha Brockenbrough, Women's Health

It's not just in your head. There really is a bumper crop of baby bumps out there, from the famously fertile, like Heidi Klum, who's flirting with her fourth set of stretch marks in five years, to the infamous Nadya "Octomom" Suleman, who earlier this year bore eight babies at once even though she already had six other kids at home that she could barely afford to take care of.......

But it's not always quite so simple, psychologists say. Some women may like being pregnant a little too much, often driven to rapidly reproduce out of insecurity, a craving for attention, or feelings of abandonment by their own parents.

Having babies isn't addictive in the way that alcohol and narcotics can be. But bumpaholics feel compelled to procreate for many of the same reasons that substance abusers turn to booze or drugs

Um excuse me Rob, I hate to butt in here again, but why are you reading Women’s Health?

Hey I’m very interested in women’s health issues like; cancer of the tatas, menstrual cycles, crying for no apparent reason, abnormal pap smears, leg-waxing rash.......that’s just the sensitive kinda guy I am.

Bumpaholics? Nice made-up word, morons.

Is everything a psychological condition these days?

People shop too much they are Shopaholics, instead of financially irresponsible.

Or they shoplift all the time so they are kleptomaniacs instead of criminals.

They eat too much they are foodaholics, instead of fat slobs.

Can't stay away from hookers they are sexaholics, instead of perverts.

Yeah I know it’s not their fault. Their mommas didn't breastfeed them and their daddies spanked them and they didn't make the 1st grade t-ball team. Boo Hoo

Um, anyway back to this article. Sure maybe there are some women (the octomom comes to mind) who are a little whacked when it comes to having too many kids. But this article just has the smell of the typical anti-child liberal-BS (Sam won’t let me write bull$h!t on my blog, she’s worried I’ll be a bad influence on you) that we who dare to have more than 2 kids have to put up with. I got to admit this is a new angle. I guess they are tired of running the “Kids Cost too Much” or the “Earth is Full” or the “You Will Ruin Your Health if You Have More Kids” articles. Lather, Rise, Repeat...So I give them points for being novel at least.

Without casting aspersions on the author or the quack-shrinks she used in the story; why is it that I think they all have like 1.2 kids each, drive Volvo’s and drink skinny soy lattes from Starbucks? Ok well maybe I am casting aspersions but tough tootsie. None of us with large families are calling these people with small or no families Bumpophobes (hey they aren’t the only ones who can make up stupid words, I think I’ll patent that one) so please just leave us the hell alone. We don’t want your help, opinions or attention – people like the Duggars, Jon and Kate and Octomom to the contrary, we are not all attention-whores.

So what are the enemies’ next likely steps over the years?

1. Having Bumpaholism made an official psychiatric disorder
2. Offering counseling and therapy for women afflicted with this disorder
3. The big drug companies, who are in bed with the FDA anyway, will come out a pill to treat this ‘disorder’
4. For ‘extreme’ cases where counseling and drugs don’t stop these chronic breeders sterilization will be strongly ‘suggested’
5. Repeat offenders will be forcibly sterilized under Universal ObamaCare…for their own good of course

Or this could be a onetime article and I’m over blowing the whole thing…it could go either way


Colleen said...

Hmmm, interesting article, and even more interesting reaction to it. I think you're on to something here. It's a new slant on telling us to have less children, and making those of us with larger families feel like stupid idiots for doing so.

I am always amazed at the people who look at my 4 children aged 6 and under and feel free to comment rudely. I never comment rudely on their decision to have one child or at the most two. Why do they feel so superior just because they can pop a pill and use their spouse as a purely sexual object? I'll never understand...

Jo Flemings said...

I am relieved to see I am not the only one who sees the potential train wreck coming for my kind. If you want a further taste follow some of the blog points here in the online site for the Charlotte Observer in Charlotte, NC. If I weren't so calloused to some of this stuff I would be in a sick cold sweat.

Rob said...

My bride (maybe she will chime-in and confirm) speaks each semester at the local High Schools career day about being a stay at home mom and one of the students asked her if she was addicted to having babies. So maybe the Public Schools are already teaching that garabage or maybe it's Oprah's fault. I'm willing to blame both.

Jo - we will just start our own compound and get some Lady Ninjas to protect us

David Murdoch said...

I don't judge the Octomom.

A couple years back I remember a debate that was held near me on abortion, and the woman who came to argue the pro-choice position (I am told, as I wasn't there myself) essentially employed the following argument:

'Women's bodies were never designed to have babies and you are jeopardizing your health by getting pregnant.'

How do they come up with these arguments?

How are they able to judge that people who have more children are suffering from some kind of psychological disorder?

This is just a new form of bigotry in a way by treating people who have more children as psychologically problematic.

God Bless,