Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Today's Workouts

Holy Smokes its bad out there. I almost died on my 14 mile trail run. I checked when I finished the run and it was 94 out with a 'feels like' of 100.

Ran my 7 mile loop twice and stopped at the car between loops to get more fluid and change shoes. The first loop I brought a 20 ounce bottle of sports drink with me and it was gone by mile 4. Had 2 semi-frozen bottles in the car so for the second loop I brought a 20 ounce and a 24 ounce bottle. Finished BOTH of those by mile 4 of the second loop and started getting a bit worried since I was still sweating like a dog in a Chinese restaurant. At mile 5 I passed some ball fields that had a picnic area and rest rooms so I ran over to those and while there was no water fountain the rest rooms did have a sink so I refilled both bottles and finished those off during the final two miles. So the best I can figure is that I took in 132 ounce of fluids during the run and I had one 24 ounce bottle of Recovery Drink in the car and drank that when I got back. So 156 ounces all together. Came back to office and took a cold shower, had some coffee and 2 hamburgers and I almost feel human again.

Wildlife count - 2 deer, 1 very cool hawk and a box turtle that I almost tripped over.

Shoe Review. Wore the new INOVA8 Flyroc's (see pic below) for the first loop to break them in. They felt pretty good. Very comfortable. The sole is a bit thinner so I could feel the rocks and roots more so that could be an issue.

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