Monday, August 10, 2009

Today's Workouts

I just finished an 8 mile trail run wearing my Asics Trail Attack running shoes. According to its 94 out right now. Sweet. It was shady on the trails but a tad buggy and stifling at times.

The deer were out though. Say 6 of them including one huge buck with an awesome rack (no comment). I also saw 2 young bucks with little antlers. What a difference. The young ones just moved a few feet off the trail as I ran by. I could have popped them easily. That's no way to become an old buck. The grand old buck took off when he saw me and went about 100 yards deep into the woods -smart deer.

I also saw a tiny fawn just off the trail. The mother was either farther in the brush or had gone the way of Bambi's mom or was watching soaps.

The large buck looked a lot like this one.

The small one had a birthmark like this one

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