Wednesday, August 12, 2009

You Bite One Lousy Buttocks

(and foot) and you are labeled for life; or in this case shot at.

Fox shot after biting Mass. woman on the buttocks

11, 2009 - 3:11pm

WHITMAN, Mass. (AP) - Police said an animal control officer has shot and wounded a fox suspected of biting a woman on the buttocks and tearing into the sneaker of a teenager in southeastern Massachusetts. Officer Robert Stokinger said the fox was shot and fled into the woods Monday. He said police officers who pursued the animal did not immediately find it.

A fox bit the woman as she was waxing her car on Franklin Street in Whitman shortly after 3 p.m. Sunday. She was given a series of precautionary rabies shots.

Several hours later, a fox also attacked a teenager on Winter Street, tearing into his sneaker but not piercing his foot.

Police said they suspect a single, sick fox is responsible for the daylight attacks since the animals are normally skittish around people.

Sheesh I'm glad this is the punishment for humans; I'd have been shot a long time ago. I also object to this trial by news of the poor fox. What ever happened to Innocent until proven guilty? All foxes I've ever met (including the one I'm married too) have been sweet and cuddly - sure occasionally nibbly but nothing real bad. What's next shooting bears who allegedly attack campers or sharks that attack surfers? Where will it all end? In tyranny and Universal Heath coverage, that's where!

And no I don't think rabies is particularly funny - but come on, how funny does 'bitten on buttocks by fox' sound? :P

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