Friday, August 14, 2009

Today's Workouts

I decided to do my trail run before work today instead of during lunch (mainly cause I'm gonna leave work early today cause its nice out – no telling on me).

I Got up at 5 and drove to the park near work where I trail run. Got there at 5:45 and it was still a bit dark out to be running in the woods. Ran the first mile on the bike paths around the sports complex that is part of the park system. After I mile I figured it was light enough to be able to tell the ground from a root from a snake from a rock and not kill myself. Did my 7 mile loop in the woods twice so I ended up with 15 miles for the morning which on top of yesterday's 30 has left me feeling a bit shredded. I wore my Asics Trail Attack running shoes as normal.

The first few miles my legs were really dead, by mile 3 they had loosened up some. Not much wildlife out this morning. Maybe the deer had a kegger last night and were sleeping it off. Towards the end I saw 2 deer and 1 hawk but that was about it other than some rabbits. I tripped 3 times towards the end of the run on roots but never quite fell down all the way. More like stumbling along low to the ground like a midget.
Finished up the run in one piece, more or less, and headed over to the office for a quick shower and then picked up breakfast at the deli next store; scrambled eggs, wheat toast, scrapple, hoe fries and coffee.

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What the heck are hoe fries?