Thursday, August 20, 2009

Today's Workouts

28.69 sweaty and stinky miles running early this morning in my Asics DS Trainers running shoes. Up at 3:50am and out the door about a half-hour later. Nice pre-run breakfast of coffee, water, pb&j sammie and a piece of zucchini bread.

I pretty much felt and looked like this guy when finished.


WingletDriver said...


I am not kidding . . . this is a true story.

The picture you have there is a sloth bear in the Oklahoma City Zoo. A few years back, my mom was visiting and we went to the zoo. I don't know if the wife and I give off some weird animal pheromone, but every time we go to the zoo, it's a physiology lesson. Jaguars, giant turtles, pandas . . . you name it, they're in heat.

This poor sloth bear was stag, though. After escaping the tortoise pen, where nothing was left to the imagination, we wandered by the "lonely animals" to catch a break. But the sloth bear was a rather ingenious creature and fashioned for himself a mate out of an old log placed lovingly in his pen, I'm sure, to sharpen his claws on. All I could say to my poor wife and mom was, "Boy, I bet he gets a lot of splinters doing that."

Rob said...

the poor sloth bear. how does he get the splinters out?
i say we take up a collection to buy that zoo a she-bear sloth