Friday, August 21, 2009

Pet Peeve Phriday

It's back by popular demand - just go with it people.

Today's pet peeve is grocery store shopping carts that don't work know the one's with the wheel that broken and makes a clacking sound while you are trying to push it...not that you can steer it with the front-end all out of alignment anyways. Or how about the front produce part area, where a kid would sit, that won't fold up or down properly.

Why don't stores have the cart-return boys put ones that are broken out of service until fixed? Or if they don't want to fix them then maybe they could donate them to bag-ladies. I feel bad when I see them lugging all their junk in shopping bags. Or give them to my kids, they would love to use them for shopping cart races.

And how about the huge carts that have the front-end of a Little Tykes toy car? (full disclosure - I've used those before) What are stores thinking? The aisles of the stores we shop at aren't wide enough for shopping carts the size of VW Beetle.


Jo Flemings said...

Oh yeah! And who has kids who don't want to ride in that car thing? And how exactly do you keep their hands off the groceries as you drive by the fruit snacks and the other stuff at that level in the store, and how about trying to turn that thing around when you have two toddlers in the car part and an infant in the upper part and happen to be shopping on the morning all the senior citizens are at the store, eh?

Party of Eight said...

Our Giant here just got new mini-carts for "little shoppers". How awful is that. At least 2 of my kids grab those and chaos ensues. Oh well.

Kindas said...

I understand.. Why would you bring the toy tyke carts.. I know to drive the mother's crazy, because when their children see them they ask and beg like crazy. Also I could not even fit all my groceries in it. Which really does not help at all. I agree with the whole one wheel doesn't work right((FIX IT))). No worries.