Saturday, August 8, 2009

Today's Workouts

Thursday - 28.12 mile run early in the morning in light rain. Wore my Asics DS Trainer's running shoes. Ipod free run since mine died at the beach due to copious amounts of sweat.

Friday - 14 mile trail run. 1/2 mile in and it felt like someone had jabbed an ice-pick into the top of my foot. Stopped and checked it out and it was a yellow jacket having his way with my foot. Squished him with my water bottle and then continued the run with a dull throbbing in the ankle area. Around mile 13 I caught my foot on a root and did a nice falling side that scrapped up my right leg and shoulder. Saw 7 deer 3 groundchucks and 2 hawks on the run. All in all it was a great run.

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